Your Ultimate Guide to Cedar Roof Costs in Frisco

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Are you dreaming of giving your home a majestic makeover with a cedar roof but puzzled when it comes to pricing? You’re not alone. In the charming city of Frisco, the rustic allure of cedar roofing has many homeowners curious about what investment they’re looking at for such an upgrade. Here’s a detailed guide to help illuminate the path to a beautiful cedar roof, plus how Integrity First Roofing & Construction can help guide you through the decision, quoting, and installation process.

The Cost Of Cedar Roofing In Frisco

Navigating the expanses of cedar roofing prices might feel like sailing in uncharted waters, but we’ve got your compass set right here. The figures provided below mirror the costs around the Plano area, giving you a good compass for understanding cedar roofing expenses in Frisco.

Depending on the size of your roof, the investment ranges from $4,100 for a modest 1,000 sq. ft. surface, spiraling up to $26,250 for a more expansive 3,500 sq. ft. coverage. Remember, these are ballpark figures – reaching out to Integrity First Roofing & Construction will dial in the most accurate quote tailored to your specific needs.

cedar roof cost, cedar roof installation, new cedar roof

Cedar Variations at a Glance

Red Cedar: Behold the charm of red cedar! Its rapid drying, decay resistance, and insulating properties make it a prime choice for those seeking a blend of warmth and functionality.

White Cedar: Distinguished by its fine texture and lightweight nature, white cedar matures gracefully, offering a visually splendid and customizable roofing material.

When choosing between Cedar Shakes and Cedar Shingles, it’s essential to weigh their rustic versus refined aesthetics against your budget and maintenance willingness. Shakes offer an unparalleled rustic charm with each hand-cut piece, while shingles present a more uniform, cost-effective alternative without compromising the cedar appeal.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Before leaping, it’s wise to consider both sides of the cedar coin:


  • Cedar roofs stand unmatched in beauty, instantly elevating your home’s curb appeal.
  • With proper care, these roofs can shelter your home for up to 25 years.
  • Opting for cedar is a nod to eco-friendliness, thanks to its biodegradable nature and energy-saving prowess.


  • Cedar’s susceptibility to drying may beckon higher fire risks and necessitate vigilant maintenance.
  • The price point is steeper compared to other materials, particularly for cedar shakes.
  • Beauty requires effort; maintaining a cedar roof’s splendid appearance demands regular upkeep.
cedar roof cost, cedar roof installation, new cedar roof

How Integrity First Comes Into Play

Deciding whether a cedar roof aligns with your home and heart can be ponderous. That’s where Integrity First Roofing & Construction shines. We don’t just slap a quote and get to hammering. We walk with you through every consideration—weighing benefits, understanding constraints, and exploring your aesthetic vision.

Choosing Integrity First means you’re not just getting a contractor; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to bringing your dream roof to life—from the first quote to the final installation. If cedar speaks to your soul, we’re here to translate that calling into reality. Ready to venture into the cedar realm or just cedar-curious? Reach out, and let’s craft a home story that’s uniquely yours.

Navigating the cedar roofing pathway in Frisco doesn’t have to be a solo voyage. With insights, guidance, and expert execution from Integrity First Roofing & Construction, your home transformation is a brilliantly planned adventure waiting to happen.

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